Pre Pre-K

(Break out the tissues for mommy!)

Last night, we attended an open house at for Alex, who will be attending pre-k this year. He was so excited he ran toward the school doors. I'm so happy for him--it was wonderful to see how ready he is for this. But am I ready?


Lorraine said…
So cute Jan! Jen just sent Julia and Jake to pre-school. I have the picture on my blog. I finally am blogging!
odessa said…
oh, i feel for you. its the first week of school for us and i see parents hovering at doorways or taking a peek at windows for a glimpse of their little ones.
January said…
I'm happy I took these photos so I can imagine what his days will be like.

*sniff sniff*
January said…
Welcome to the blogosphere, Lorraine! Very cool.

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