Writer's Funk

While I don’t believe in writer’s block, I seem to be unable to complete a poem, even a bad one. I’m in a writing funk, shall we say.

I’m working through it, but I’m not producing anything worth sharing. The good thing is that I’ve been writing every day so I hope to post something mid-week. And for some reason, I’m resistant to writing prompts. But if this internal stalemate continues, I’ll comb the archives of RWP for help.

One great thing to look forward to is The Dodge Poetry Festival at the end of September. Being immersed in poetry for this special weekend always rejuvenates my soul.

In the meantime, maybe attacking a few goals will pull me through.

August To-Do List

  • Finalize fall NEWS Reading Dates
  • Write four poems this month
  • Revise three poems—I have poems from April that need attention
  • Submit poetry to four journals
  • Star organizing a second manuscript


Kelli said…
I'm in a funk too. It's actually just more of void. I don't usually write in summer, but when I went to recently, I thought, "Now, how exactly does one write a poem?" Never a good start!

I'm sure yours (mine) will pass.
Rinkly Rimes said…
As a fellow poet (as amateur as it's possible to be!) I understand your dilemma. If nothing inspires me I usually try to do something completely different (maybe cooking, which I'm not very good at) and then I find the muse comes back. (Flutters in through the window, sort of!)

You might like to view some of my efforts. I'm just off to perform some of my monologues at a charity 'do' today, but I'll certainly browse your Blog this-evening.
Rinkly Rimes said…
Have just read your full bio and I think you write beautifully. I never thought of a poetic bio but I might change mine now! Mine would be something like

My name is Brenda
I'm sweet and tender!!!!

No, I'm not that bad. But I DO rhyme, most of the time. It's an addiction.
Goodnight, Mom said…

Me, too!!! Been in a real funk for writing. Even and especially at work! UGH!!!

Hoping to be recharged soon!!
Catherine said…
One of my books says there's no such thing as writer's block. You just run out of inspiration, so you go and soak up life for a while, and fill up again. At any rate, when you do write, your poems are fantastic (at least the ones you let loose here), so I'm sure it will come back again.
Besides readwritepoem, you could look at http://totallyoptionalprompts.blogspot.com for some prompt ideas
Anonymous said…
January, sometimes maybe you are too hard on yourself;), no one can write good poetry all the time (apart from the few annoying people who can!). Maybe you just need to relax for a bit, do a whole bunch of reading or whatever else helps you get inspired and find new words!
January said…
Kamsin, you're probably right, though I feel as if I've been "relaxing" since May. I haven't been reading much so maybe I should delve into my poetry collection for inspiration.
January said…
Catherine, thanks for the support.

KDB, too bad we don't live closer.

Rinky, thanks for stopping by. hope to check out your blog this week.

Kelli, I'm hoping this nonwriting phase passes soon, too.
odessa said…
i'm in some kind of funk too. and not just with writing but with everything else. i'm not even sure why, summer used to be my productive season, writing-wise.

posting random things on my blog helps me somewhat. i'm also re-reading anne lamott's "bird by bird". hopefully we'll all overcome this soon.
January said…
Bird by Bird is one of my faves. That's one I should dive back into--thanks for the suggestion, Odessa.
This, too, shall pass. Trust me.
Ananda said…
may the writing funk pass. congrats. on the second manuscript journey. sending u positive vibes.

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