AOL News: "Writers Air Poetic Laundry at Laundromat"

(Colleen Michaels)

All hail Colleen Michaels and the Improbable Places Poetry Tour! She makes poetry accessible by bringing it to the people, in the most improbable of places.

Here's an article about the tour on AOL News!

I think Dawn Paul sums it up nicely:

"People talk about, 'How do we get more people involved in poetry? How do we make it accessible without dumbing it down?' People are concentrating on the poetry itself. I think a lot of it just is, How is it being presented?"

Also featured is an earlier version of my poem "Denim." And I love this lead-from the article:

The full text of January O'Neil's poem "Denim" runs below. To maximize your reading experience, sit next to a humming dryer.

See the full article at AOL News. *smile*


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