Quick and Dirty

I won't lie, I'm having so much fun at AWP! I think Kelli Russell Agodon tweeted about being with her "tribe." That's how I feel in the company of so many poets and writers.

This year's AWP experience is surreal. I keep meeting people from the blogosphere, Twitter, Facebook--all my worlds are merging. Cool.

I had a surprising number of conversations yesterday about being a parent and a writer. Many of us have young kids, and we're all struggling to figure out how to be artists and a good parents. (In fact, my daughter spiked a fever after I left. Poor baby. She's fine today.) This is an important conversation I want to explore in more detail, so I'll hold off on elaborating more until next week.

These AWP updates will be quick and dirty. I am on the move, but will try posting updates on the fly updates during the day.


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