Confession Tuesday

Happy Confession Tuesday! Goodbye January, hello February! This is the February-AWP-remix edition of The Confessions. Share a bit of yourself with us and we promise to do the same.

Lawd have mercy, can you believe this snow? New England is going to get walloped again this afternoon and then throughout Wednesday with accumulations between 16"-21" inches, on top of the five feet of snow that's on the ground now. Seriously, Winter, we get it. I'm saying "Uncle!"

Save travels to those heading to AWP D.C. I've heard that West Coast flights have been canceled ahead of the storm. And Chicago--ugh. By some fluke, I'm flying out on Thursday. Originally, I was bummed that I wasn't flying out on Wednesday. Not anymore. I *think* I will be OK to fly on Thursday but who knows. I'm hoping the storm is not as bad as predicted. *sigh* Fingers and toes are crossed.


I packed my bags on Sunday--that's how excited I am! Besides, I wanted to make sure I had room in my suitcase for a few extra books. And packing winter gear is a pain.

While I will miss the kids dearly, I can't tell yo0u how much I'm looking forward to the break. Mommy needs her me time. What better way to get it then surrounded by poets and writers?


I will be blogging/tweeting/youtube-ing for the AWP's Conference Blog and my blog. Woo hoo! Will post my AWP whereabouts soon.


Have you seen Nin Andrews' AWP cartoons? They're terrific.


Maureen said…
It's not so bad here this morning in the D.C. area. Traffic is moving. There's a bit of ice. It's cold, and icy rain is predicted. May your travels be safe.
January said…
The snow has started in the Boston area, so we're in for a messy two days, I think. As long as it's over by Wed night, I'll be happy.
Anonymous said…
Oy oy oy. I'm supposed to be taking the train early tomorrow morning, heaven help me -- this mommy needs this time most desperately!

Good luck & safe travels, January -- see you there!
Jessie Carty said…
I'll be living AWP vicariously :) but I'll be back for Chicago. Safe travels!!
Anonymous said…
good luck to everyone traveling to AWP!

here are my confessions!
Sandy Longhorn said…
Oh, January, I'm so glad that you confessed that you were bummed at first to be flying in on Thursday. I got rescheduled from today to Thursday and won't be at the conference until around noon, and I've been bummed about what I might miss in those first few hours. Somehow it makes it easier knowing others will be arriving later as well. You might have been the smartest one to plan FOR Thursday travel! Hope to cross paths in DC!

Be safe.
Collin Kelley said…
Safe travels, Jan!
January said…
Thanks everyone! More to come from D.C.!

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