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Woke up early this morning and did a 15-minute free write. Woo hoo! Baby steps.


This just in: The Eleventh Annual Boston National Poetry Month Festival will be held at the Boston Public Library on Saturday and Sunday, April 9 and 10. If you've never been to this marathon reading, there will be about 100 poets reading in 10-minute spots throughout the two days.

Looks like I'm closing out the festival, Sunday at 4:30! Will post full listing of poets when available.

Here's an article I wrore for Poets & Writers about the marathon in 2009.


Husband and wife Terrance Hayes and Yona Harvey on New Letters on the Air (scroll down for link to podcast). Terrific interview!


Ross Gay and Evie Shockley, two of my favorite people, are blogging for the National Book Foundation, discussing the poetry books of past NBA winners. Ross discusses titles by William Carlos Williams while Evie discusses Conrad Aiken, with more titles to come. Thirteen poets are featured in this book-a-day project.


Paper Nautilus is a new journal looking for submissions for its inaugural issue, slated for October. Submit!


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