Improbable Places: Salem Laundry Co.

Poetry and laundry. Who would have thunk it?

I think host Colleen Michaels said it best when she reminded the audience, "We define our community by our poetry." She went on to say how great it is to live in a place where Thursday night poetry in a laundromat is not only accepted in our town but normal. Just another night in Beverly, MA.

Check out what the Boston Globe is saying about the tour!

Enjoy the photos from Thursday night's reading.

Host Colleen Michaels.

Jennifer Jean

Montserrat College of Art student.

I have an iron on my pillowcase because I'm hot! *smile*


Anonymous said…
What a great venue!
Awesome. Thanks for sharing this!
January said…
Cool. Thanks for stopping by, Hannah and Bernadette.
jim said…
This is so wonderful, Jan. This impresses me a million times more, really, than AWP and Miami Bookfair gigs (which do impress me, too).
Susan Rich said…
I love this! Really want to set this up in Seattle. Any tips on best places? That looks like one huge laundromat!
RobynBradley said…
What a GREAT idea! Thanks for sharing this, Jan. I'm squirreling this article away for National Poetry Month..will make a great FB shout out and blog post!
Collin Kelley said…
Love it.

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