Confession Tuesday

Hello folks. It’s Tuesday. You know the drill!

I am thankful summer is here, but you wouldn’t know it with the rainy, 65 degree weather we’ve had. Feels like April rather than June.

Lately my mind has been on making plans for the summer: vacations, day trips, play dates. So much to balance, but it's all good stuff.


Post-retreat, I'm working on one of the two poems I wrote while I was away. Feels great to write a poem I want to keep. Whenever that happens, I always have that “I didn’t know I had it in me” feeling. In fact, the process of getting to the second poem (the better of the two) reminds me of the Kenneth Koch poem, “One Train May Hide Another.” Here are a few lines:

In a poem, one line may hide another line,
As at a crossing, one train may hide another train.
That is, if you are waiting to cross
The tracks, wait to do it for one moment at
Least after the first train is gone. And so when you read
Wait until you have read the next line—
Then it is safe to go on reading.


I am now on LinkedIn and I'm wondering how poets and writers best use this platform. If you've gotten a reading or made a valuable contact through LinkedIn, let me know.


I haven't talked much about sports lately but Go Red Sox and go Bruins! It's a great time to be a Boston sports fan.


I confess I'm a little light on confessions today. But do tell me what's going on in your corner of the world.

Happy Tuesday!


dylan said…
Good morning, January --

I have a birthday coming up. I feel impossibly old. Downright Methuselan. A grizzled greybeard, a codger, a coot. An antediluvian relic, long in the tooth. No spring chicken. Over the hill. A bruised reed, a smoldering wick. An aging tattered coat upon a stick.

But there are persons my age who retain the vigor, the energy, the beauty, the ineffable "glow" of youth! I wish I were one of them.

I don't mind the cooler temperatures, but the rain is a bit dreary.

Boston could use a Stanley Cup, couldn't we?

More later. Hope you and all your readers have a great day!

dylan (TD)
Catherine said…
I like the Kenneth Koch poem, and agree with you - the second poem is often better.
What's going on in my corener of the world? Well, as my daughter started her latest blog post:
Yadda yadda earthquake, yadda yadda evacuation, yadda yadda liquefaction, yadda yadda.
It seems they aren't going to stop any time soon. Apart from that, I am working my way out of a couple of big commitments, in the hope of having more time to write.

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