Photo taken by Jennifer Jean

Here's a photo of me working on a new poem (yay!). Unfortunately, It's rained the entire weekend, so this is the most exciting picture I have to show right now.


Yes, I did write a new poem. Hoping to do so again today.


Spent most of the time looking over my second manuscript, trying to figure out how best to revise. I've decided to start with the last poem and work my way back to the beginning. I also will look at the order again, moving some of my family-centered poems to the front. And, I may take a few poems out and replace with others if needed.

I've given myself the loose date of August 1 to see where I'm am in the process.

All in all, the time away has been great. Will post about the specifics of this mini-retreat tomorrow.


Odessa said…
oh, your room looks so cozy. i think this is what i really need. to sit aside a certain day(s) just for writing alone. enjoy the rest of your mini-retreat! :)d
Anonymous said…
Rainy days are wonderful for writing -- hope you had a fruitful retreat! xo

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