Feast or Famine

Summertime readings in the Boston/Cambridge area can be feast or famine, which is surprising for the area considered the largest "college town" in the world. This weekend, however, looks terrific for poetry readings.

The Juniper Institute's reading series is happening this week at UMass Amherst. I considered driving two hours to hear Thomas Sayers Ellis, Dorothea Lasky, and Joy Williams Friday night, but I don't think I can make it. (Sorry TSE!)

Also, I will miss Paul Lisicky and Matthew Zapruder on Saturday night (drat!) at Juniper because I just found out that Nikky Finney is reading at Lesley University on Saturday.

And the reading I've had listed on my calendar for months--Naomi Shihab Nye is coming to the Longfellow House on Sunday! I've only seen her read at Dodge, so I'm excited to hear her read in Massachusetts. Nye will be receiving the Golden Rose Award from the New England Poetry Club.


I was quickly flipping through the latest Poets & Writers when I happened upon an article on how to use Twitter to connect with readers (p. 79). I'm not one to criticize P&W (I loves me some P&W), but I thought the article was a lost opportunity to talk about some of the exciting things happening on Twitter.

In fact, when taking to a friend of mine about the article, who is not on Twitter, her first comment was, "I could have written that," meaning anyone could have done the basic research to write that article. It's too bad the author did not list any of the exciting things happening for writers on this platform, such as The Poet Party (read Kelli's post on the #poetparty) or the poetry meetups (tweetups) happening everywhere. I'm sure there are equivalents for fiction.

And the most glaring error in the article was that neither the author, nor P&W, chose to list their own usenames/handles. So if you wanted to follow the magazine, wouldn't it make sense to say, "Follow us on Twitter at @poetswritersinc"?



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Collin Kelley said…
Yeah, I wasn't very happy with that Twitter article either. There could have been so much more and they could have talked to people who are actually doing work to promote the poetry community on Twitter. Don't get me started... ;-)

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