Confession Tuesday

Happy first day of summer! Share a little of yourself with us and we promise to do the same.

Look at these amazing kids! We took these goofy pictures at a photo booth at the Beverly Arts Festival. They are growing up so fast. Sometimes it seems as if I can’t string together enough good moments in a day. But occasionally, I see evidence that maybe, just maybe, I’m getting it right.


The moon must have been in my seventh house, because I had a few days off from work—thanks to my flexible summer schedule. The time away felt like a staycation. I feel renewed. Had a good mix of kid time and grown-up time this weekend.


I bought my son his first baseball glove this weekend, which felt both weird and perfectly normal. I love baseball so it was fun helping my son find the right sized glove. He wants to play catch every free moment of the day, which is terrific (better than video games). So, I’m going to help him with the basics every day no matter how tired I am. Let's hope we can avoid breaking any windows.


Because of all the kid time, I held off on writing until Monday, but I had a much-needed writing session at Starbucks. I’m working through a poem that I wrote last week at my mini writers retreat. Sometimes it’s hard for me to keep up the intensity in a poem. Not sure why that is.

Also, I’ll continue to revise my manuscript. I’m gearing up to get into a place of intensity and focus yet again. It is both necessary and draining.


Almost ditched my Monday writing session for a trip to Ikea. So, so tempting.


Jessie Carty said…
This is my first real week off during my summer "break" and I'm still busy: but, I do feel more relaxed. Perhaps I should call it a staycation as well :). Really hope my writing juices will start bubbling up again soon cause ive been oh so very barren!

Did the photo booth do the sepia tone? That is so cute :)

*confession: sent from Starbucks where the dude behind me is snoring...
Martha Silano said…
Speaking of milestones, yesterday was the first time I brought my 10-year old to school, got out of the car to hang with him till the playground gate opened, and he stopped me: "Mom, can you please just leave?" My baby!!!!!! Seriously, this I-don't-want-to-be-seen-with-you feels like a bigger deal than when he took his first step.
Susan Rich said…
Hey Jan,

So sorry I didn't get to meet your kids during the festival. Let's change that next year! Can't wait to have you in town. Happy writing, my friend....I'm still trying to get through old stuff and clear the decks for new...
Love, Susan
January said…
Hi Susan. I'm still working on m'script #2. Enjoy the summer. Yes, hope you get to meet the kids in 2012.

See you in a few months!
January said…
Martha, that's a tough one. I don't look forward to the day my kids tell me they don't want/need me around. *sigh*. Guess it's all a part of growing up--for all of us.
January said…
Hi Jessie. I've felt the same way with my writing. But the writing/not writing comes and goes, I think (I hope).

Yes, the photo booth had sepia as an option. The kids called it "skin tone." :)

As long as it's not you snoring at Starbucks, you're OK!

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