Mid-week Musings

Congratulations to Kelli Russell Agodon and Letters from the Emily Dickinson Room for winning ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Award! Woo hoo! A well-deserved honor, my dear!


Who is the next emerging woman poet we should watch for (and when I mean emerging, I mean first or second book)? Who is really making waves in poetry now? Men seem to draw all the buzz, but tell me who you think is poised to be the female poet everyone is talking about.


The idea of summer reading lists amuses me. I read all year-round. Why do I need a special list for summer? It's not like I stop reading during the other seasons. Are summer reading lists a marketing ploy to get us to buy more books? Hmmm …


Eating and sleeping, no problem. Making writing a priority, not as easy as it seems.

Yesterday after work, I mowed the lawn, spent time with the kids, and managed to clear off a working space on my desk--but fell asleep before I could use it. Ugh. The holiday weekend can't come soon enough.


That was a random assortment of things to talk about. Oh well. It's Wednesday. Deal!


Kells said…
Thank you, January! And I do remember when you were a finalist for this last year. I am in good company. Thanks for sharing my good news. I'm still amazed by it!
xo, Kells

Oh and as for poets to watch for?

My current favs are:

Kary Wayson (American Husband)
Alexandra Teague (Mortal Geography)
Molly Tenenbaum (though she is on 3rd book, but she has not rec'd the attn I feel she should be receiving)

Of course, Jeannine Gailey is on her second book and I think this one is really going to make some waves!

Who do you think are making waves?
Marie-Elizabeth said…
I think Keetje Kuipers is the hottest woman poet to watch out for. Her first book, Beautiful in the Mouth, continues to gain notice and her second book should be out next year sometime. I just love her work, the language, imagery, and emotional power of it.
Jennifer Jean said…
Kelli & Marie-Elizabeth, I'm so glad you've both named names. My mind ran blank with Jan's question :( But now I've looked up the ladies mentioned here--so thank you!
Kells said…
Yes, and completely agree with Marie-Elizabeth's Keetje Kuipers. I LOVE that book!
Susan Rich said…
I'll add Katharine Whitcomb - Lamp of Letters is her second and it's superb.

Then there's Katharine Flenniken's Plume due out this year from University of Washington Press - also wonderful and important.

Finally, I'll add Tracy K. Smith whose third book just came out, but who seems to be under the radar.

Lots of great women poets!
January said…
Thanks ladies.

Kelli, I can't tell these days who is making waves, other than Aimee Nez--but she has three wonderful books.

And, as we all know, strong work does not always tranlate into buzz. Case in point: I think Erika Meitner's should get more attention (her third book just came out).

And yes, Susan, Tracy's work deserves more attention.

I have not read any of the women listed so I will seek them out. Thanks for the suggestions.
January said…
I still don't understand why women are not topping the best sellers' lists. If we are at least 50 percent of the book-buying public, why aren't more of us rising to the top.

Why are men not buying more work by women?
I second the Kuipers mention and want to add CM Burroughs whose book "The Vital System" is coming out next year.
January said…
Thanks for the suggestions, Joel. Hope you are well.

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