Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Confession Tuesday

Ho Ho Ho! It is the holiday edition of Confession Tuesday. Naughty or nice? This is the stuff we want to hear about. Share a little of yourself today or expect a lump of coal in the mail from me!

Since my writers’ retreat a little over week ago, I have not written any new poems. Not one.  *sigh* What can I say? The holidays have taken over. But tonight, I’m going to my writers’ workshop and I’ll bring one of my poems written during the retreat. Thankfully, po-biz stuff--sending out a few submissions and getting a grant application together--has kept me busy (and sane). Feels good to have poems out there working for me. Will try to send a few more poems to publications this week. Also, Mass Poetry Fest planning is kicking into high gear.

On Wednesday, the Calvary (read: my parents) arrive. And Thursday is my last working day of 2011, so I’m planning on getting organized and doing as much writing as possible by the end of the year.


I’m cautiously optimistic about some exciting news coming my way in January. Fingers crossed. Will reveal the details when it’s official.


Just downloaded Amy Winehouse’s posthumously released album, Lioness: Hidden Treasures. Love it. I wish Amy had given us a fully fleshed-out album in the years after Back to Black. But it’s nice to have one more collection of her work in the world. Such a loss.


What’s up with the Elf on the Shelf craze? Isn’t Santa enough? Moving around a toy elf to keep the kids guessing equals one more thing I have to keep up with on a daily basis.


Ella and I were talking about Santa while I was on Twitter. She asked me, “Do you tweet with Santa?” So I said, “Yes, and I can tell him if you’ve been naughty or nice.” Santa is on Twitter, at @santa_claus and @noradsanta.


I’m keeping this blog post short in anticipation of my year-end wrap-up/looking ahead posts. Happy Tuesday, folks!


Anonymous said...

I check out your blog every day. Thank you for all the great tips and for the human side of trying to be a bread-winner/writer. Could you tell us more about the workshop on January 1. Is it on Enders Island off Mystic, CT, not on the Fairfield U campus? Who's invited
and what will be discussed re publication?

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I meant January 5.

Jessie Carty said...

I've been re-reading some of my work recently and feeling very bleh about it. Hoping 2012 finds a better muse!


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