Happy Christmas Eve Day!

Oh my goodness. Not since age 13 when I woke up the day before Christmas morning thinking it was Christmas have I been so excited about the holidays! The house has been decorated for a solid month. The presents are wrapped and and waiting to be opened. And the kids are more excited than ever.

This year, we'll be tracking Santa's journey through NORAD, having crab cakes made my yours truly, and decorating cookies before Santa shimmies down the chimney.

Note to self: Don't light the fireplace tonight.


Since my parents came into town on Wednesday, it’s been a mad dash to finish up the Christmas shopping. I’m almost done. Will stop by a local store to get the last gift.

It’s been fun watching my mom and dad spend time the kids. Wonder if they will enjoy playing on the Wii tonight?


While my parents are here, I’m hoping to get in some writing time as well as getting back to a workout schedule. Also, I haven’t had a vegetable in three days. Ugh. My body HATES me.


After Christmas, I will hit the ground running with Massachusetts Poetry Festival planning. It is on like a mofo. Lots of moving pieces I have to corral. But, the festival is shaping up to be OUTSTANDING! So much to look forward to in 2012!


Catherine said…
Merry Christmas - and hope you have a great 2012.
Collin Kelley said…
Happy Holidays, Jan! x

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