Poets in the Round: Speak Up! December 28

Speak Up features: January Gill O'Neil, Colleen Michaels, Kevin Carey

December 28
Speak UP! Spoken Word Open Mike Every Wednesday Evening, 7:30 p.m.
Walnut Street Coffee Cafe
157 Walnut Street
Lynn, MA 01905-1168

Ladies and Gentlemen of Speak Up, we are closing out 2011 with a BANG!For the first time in our Speak Up history we are featuring three poets in the round.

Each person in their own right is a poet wonderful. Each poet has already been a Speak Up Feature on their own. The three of them are fast friends. They have been given the green light to cut loose, to raise hell, to whisper, to yell, to cuss, to declare they are wearing no underwear. It will be a night to remember.

Come watch the fireworks with Kevin Carey, Colleen Michaels and January Gill O'Neil. Some things make me grin just thinking about them. This is one. See you Wednesday.

Poems by Jan, Colleen, and Kevin online.

Speak UP! Spoken Word Open Mike meets every Wednesday at the Walnut Street Coffee Cafe, 157 Walnut St, Lynn, MA. Come to the Walnut Street Coffee Cafe this Wednesday for the best in poetry, storytelling, jive talking, ranting, listening and just hanging out with each other. Sign up for the open mike lottery starts at 7 PM with the actual talking kicking off at 7:30 PM. Jim Chalmers, the owner of the cafe, is delighted to host Speak Up. He has bought a PA, installed lights and moves the chairs around for us.

If you enjoy Speak Up please buy a beer (or a coffee or a dessert) this Wednesday. It helps his bottom line considerably. Thanks.

At 7:30 all the folks who want to speak will be in a lottery that decides the speaking order. The Featured Performer for the evening goes on at 8:30. We pass the basket to get them gas money home. Folks are invited to share a poem they have written, one they love, tell a story, read a memoir, talk about your week, talk about what pisses you off, share who you love, cuss up a storm, or blow kisses at the crowd--Speak UP! is a Free Speech Zone. We have a three obscenity minimum. Say what you have to say-in five minutes of course.

Tony Toledo, SPEAK UP! EMCEE Coin giver
Excuse me, are you going to finish that pie?


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