Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, folks! Time for your confessions. Unburden yourself. Share a little piece of your life and we promise to do the same.

I saw this tagline attached to a Crest toothpaste ad:

Life opens up when you do.

It’s the simplest little thing (and I’m not sure what it has to do with cavity protection) but it’s true. The past two years have been about change. If you had told me I would be teaching in a classroom and running a major festival, I wouldn’t have believed you. No way. Yet I have tried to stay open to all possibilities, trying to match my voice to my values. And here I am, still standing, a little more tired than usual. I am here.


I was inspired this morning by Carolee’s post. I understand exactly where she is right now. Go over and give her a little encouragement. Making a life difficult change and coming out the other side in a good place is worth celebrating.


For the next week, I will continue to transition from one job to the next. It is really too much of a balancing act to stretch myself this thin. But once it’s over, I’m looking forward to having new routines. Being able to set my schedule, spend more time with the kids, and carve out time to exercise and write—I can’t wait!


As I type this, I can hear my daughter singing in the other room. She is the other early bird in the house. I am thankful for those little moments. Collect enough of them and they make a life.


My creative writing class will be writing their first poems to hand in this week. So I’m going to try to complete one by Thursday. It will be my first poem of 2012. *sigh*

To-do list:

1. Write one poem
2. Submit to two journals
3. Mail in contract for second book and manuscript revisions
4. Start reading a new poetry collection
5. Take more photos. My blog has been seriously lacking photos
6. Clean my desk

If I don’t create a list, nothing gets done.


Mass Poetry wrote a nice five-question interview with me. And, here’s a preview of what’s coming for the April festival.


Thanks for all the messages and emails of support. I’m a bit overwhelmed but will try to get to all of them this week.


csb said…
I heard you read a few weeks ago on Enders. I really appreciated it. I wrote this confession:

Who cares?

There is no lozenge to soothe,
when a mother chooses
to emphasize with apathy.
Brutality ensues.

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