Hello, It's Me

I feel like I've been on vacation from the blog. Trust me, that's not the case. I've been working hard putting together syllabi and picking texts to teach my first classes at Salem State. Woo hoo!

Thanks to everyone for all the kind words and support. I am so full of gratitude today I can hardly express it.


Since I'll be working three jobs--my current job, teaching, and running the Mass Poetry Fest--the next few weeks be about maintaining some sort of balance. (Balance ... ha!) So the house may not be as clean, we'll have breakfast for dinner, and five hours of sleep will feel like 20. Most important to me right now is keeping the work flowing, the kids happy, and making the poems happen. That's not too much to ask, right? 


It's MLK Jr. day here in the states. Thinking about all he did so I can be here doing what I do. I want to give my kids a little education on the man and his life's work--they are more than ready. I'm also going to teach the "I Have a Dream" speech in my classes tomorrow. Again, I'm feeling very grateful today.

More to come. Wish me luck.


Congratulations on the exciting new stuff, January!

And breakfast for dinner is severely underrated :).

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