Slouching Toward Starbucks

Hello luscious! I've missed you.

All day I have been waiting to get a few hours to myself at my friendly neighborhood Starbucks. I take a sip of my venti hot chocolate and my whole body says, "Thank you!"


What a week! With teaching, working my desk job, and Mass Poetry biz--oh, and being a mom--I'm wiped out. Just one more week of this madness and I'll be done with the desk job. Extremely bittersweet to leave the people I work with at Babson--my second family.


Decided to blog a little, then answer a few emails, and then start a poem or two while I'm here. Amy Winehouse plays on my first-gen iPod (there's no school like the old school). Very crowded at my Starbucks. Not sure if it says more about the patrons or me on a Friday night.

We've got another kidtastic weekend on the books, so I'm happy for the only respite scheduled for the next 48 hours.


I'm on!


Happy to hear you're feeling better. Have a wonderful weekend! Cheers to your cup and your iPod. ;)
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