Confession Tuesday

Happy Last Day of January! (Sounds weird, coming from me.) Time for your confessions. Share a little of yourself with us and we promise to do the same.

I’m in a weird place right now. I feel stretched between three jobs and my home life—and not doing any of them particularly well. I thrive on focus, so when I have too many parts of my life competing for attention, it stresses me out. Fortunately (and unfortunately) one of my three jobs will end tomorrow. My hope is by Friday, I can get back to a semi-hectic life.

The lack of writing poetry this month is killing me. But I had to sacrifice writing for sleep.


As I was leaving class at Salem State, it hit me that tomorrow will be my last day at Babson. Yesterday, with the calming words of a good friend, I decided to roll with whatever emotions come. I need to be in the moment for this. I want to celebrate all that I’ve accomplished with a great team of folks. As you would expect, they are working me to the bone until the very last hour. But I am happy to do it. I will miss my friends dearly. We will celebrate as we always do: with food!

*Getting weepy. Must write about something else.*


I’m considering doing a cleanse. But I like solid food way too much to commit—*sigh*


One thing I’m looking forward to is taking my kids to school for the first time in a very long time. I have family help out with all drop offs and pickups. Ella always tells me which moms are standing outside with their kids and I know she feels left out. Just one more reminder that this career move is absolutely the right choice for me.


Love your confession posts! I've decided to do my own this year...
Jeannine said…
Aw, sweetie! I feel so bad for you. Virtual hugs!
If you want to try a lighter, easier cleanse, try going off wheat and dairy for a couple of weeks. It's what every naturopath/nutrionist recommends when you go in anyway :) I should have listened years ago, instead of waiting until I developed allergies to them to quit.
Thanks for sharing, January. I hope all goes well with this transition in your life! You'll have one happy child tomorrow!
carolee said…
these kinds of changes are so hard. for what it's worth -- seeing it from the outside -- i'm proud of you for the chances you take!!
January said…
Thanks everyone. I'm feeling much better now that this week is over.

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