Confession Tuesday

9/11 is a tough day for everyone. My heart goes out to all those who lost someone during the tragedy. And my humble thanks to those who have kept us safe in the years since that fateful day.


It's Tuesday. And 11 years ago, 9/11 was also on a Tuesday. On that day I was preparing to fly to Virginia the very next day for my wedding on 9/15.

In a few days, on 9/15, I will drive to upstate NY to attend the wedding of my good friend Joseph. I would do anything for Joseph and Boo. They will be surrounded by friends and it will be a joyous occasion. But there is a huge part of me that doesn't know how I will be on the actual day. I am hoping I will not be flooded by memories of my own wedding and subsequent failed marriage on Joseph's big day.

For weeks after he announced the day--and we talked about it before the date was set--I was reluctant to commit to attending. But once I committed I was all in. I have no doubt it will be a wonder weekend. They deserve as much love as we can give them. I am hoping this wedding will give me a new way to look on this day, however, more fondly than I do now. One blessing hiding behind another.


Thinking about my beautiful children today--my silver linings.


Susan Rich said…
Oh Jan,

I will be sending lots of love and courage to you -- and to Joseph and Boo. What a fantastic woman you are.

Sending hugs and much love,
January said…
Thanks Susan. I'll be OK. Lots of poets attending--should be a hoot.

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