Elizabeth Bishop - One Art - Video

Going back to my comments about Elizabeth Bishop's "One Art" in yesterday's post, I've always had a dour view of this poem. And it comes from this reading. The clip is from the Voices and Visions series (posted by another group), which may have been the first time I encountered the poem. This "poet voice" is emblazoned in my memory.

So when I read "One Art" aloud, I'm channeling actress Blythe Danner, who does the voiceover. Commentary by Octavio Paz.


Having known grief (as you have too January) one can't HELP but read this poem as ultimately sad, no matter how brave the poet is (trying?) to be. Loss is loss and in my opinion could never be seen as anything but less than the way things should be. The poem speaks of the human capacity for resilience, but has regret and grief running like a seam through it. Blythe reading it in an almost halting tone, is an honest rendition I believe. By necessity humans need to live with loss, can even rise triumphant above it, but we don't have to like it. Thanks for this I loved hearing the poem and have enjoyed reading about your thoughts.
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