Some Days Are Better Than Others

I'm having one of those mornings. You know, the ones where the kids are crazed: unfinished homework, no one can decide on breakfast, nothing to wear for picture day, everyone's sneezy ...


But this week, I had the opportunity to go to hear my friends read their poetry. Michael Ansara read his poetry on Tuesday at Armory of the Arts. And last night, Salem State professors Kevin Carey and Ann Taylor read their poetry to a packed house of students, alums, and members of the SSU community. Standing room only!

Having a late night last night set today's events in motion. Can't get too upset when poetry is to blame. It's been a good poetry week.


A friend of mine sent me this lovely thought about writing:

" One day your poetry will show the light to deep self knowledge. Just keep writing and keep the faith. It will open up one day."

So I am keeping the faith today. And I will put pen to paper in hopes something breaks.

Happy Friday, folks.


Susan Rich said…
Oh Jan, you are already a poetry goddess! Your light is shining right now. I can see it in Seattle.
January said…
From one poetry goddess to another, thank you! XO

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