Confession Tuesday

It's Confession Tuesday. You know the drill.

I confess I am thankful that the only impact in my next of the woods from Superstorm Sandy are leaves. Lots and lots of leaves. Fine. I'll take it. It's sunny and nearly 70 degrees north of Boston.

My heart goes out to the cities along the East Coast in its path. Wow! Footage from NY, NJ, and WV is unbelievable. I mean, it's snowing in West Virginia. Yikes!


Been on the phone today with friends and loved ones in affected states. Everyone is OK.

My college is closed today, so I'm catching up on Mass Poetry work, and trying to get a few submissions in the mail.

I am cheating on Starbucks with Panera today and boy is it crowded. There must be a lot of people not working because of yesterday's storm. Just can't imagine any Panera being this busy, like weekend busy, on a Tuesday.


Just found out that I did not receive another grant I had applied for. Entering these contests feels like playing the lottery--very random, and I have zero chance of winning.


Robert Lee Brewer's November Poem-A-Day Chapbook Challenge is just around the corner. I am giving it a try this year. I like to write under self-imposed duress, apparently.


Nin Andrews said…
You are amazing--of course you have a chance!

And thanks for telling me about the challenge. I've been so flat lately. I am really bummed about the election--or terrified rather. Of course, I do live in Ohio.
January said…
So are you, Nin!

You live in the mother of all swings states! And I am a nervous wreck, but hopeful.

Ohio! Ohio! Ohio!

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