Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, folks. You know the drill.

In a few days, I will be at the Geraldine R. Dodge Festival. Yes, I’m looking forward to connecting with old friends and making new one. Yes, I’m excited to hear poets I've never heard before. But really, I’m looking forward to not being a mom for a weekend (read: mommy needs her “me” time).

Every two years, I head down to NJ to be a part of a larger poetry community. And while the location has changed, the only expectation I have is to have a good time. Can’t wait to send pics from the road.

Cannot wait!

It was a kid-centric weekend, with some grading thrown in for good measure. I seem to be fighting for daylight when it comes to writing poetry, rather than poetry being a part of flow. I have no flow. *sigh*

Call me Stella—I need to get my groove back!


Tonight I’m hanging out with my poetry peeps in Salem. That should help, even though I have no poems to share.


With much of my grading done, I think I’ll have some time to write late tonight, finally. Better to write when the house is quiet Here’s to making my writing a priority. Here’s to getting back into the flow.


Dodge, baby!


Thomas D said…
dear January Gill O'Neil --

Here's a Tuesday confession, a day late:

I've been reading an engaging collection of essays by Mark Doty, The Art of Description (Graywolf Press). His writing magnetizes! Really, really good.

Also, am celebrating the publication of a poem: something of a rare event for me (3 magazines in the last 22 years)! So, more than moderately happy about that!

And lastly, I'm exultantly happy that it's October. This should be National Poetry Month instead of April! Autumn in New England! I could rhapsodize endlessly!

All best wishes,
Thomas D
January said…
I don't have Mark's latest book but it's on my list to read before end of year.

And congrats on the publication of your poem. Where is it published?

I work in Salem, Mass., which, as you know, is Halloween Central in October. It's crazy. I much prefer July and August. Much warmer.

Thanks for sharing, Thomas!
Thomas D said…
The poem was published in a quarterly of "ideas, art, and faith" called Dappled Things. (It was a ghazal! Those things can be rather tricky! In a fun way.)

Oh, yes, Salem and Halloween -- craziness indeed!

all best wishes,

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