Storm Front

Happy Monday, folks. We are bracing here, north of Boston, for a visit from Hurricane Sandy. Schools are closed today so I'm thankful not to be out in this weather. The eye of the storm arrives around 8 p.m. The kid in me hopes schools will be out on Tuesday, too.

Here's hoping we all make it through the hurricane without incident.


I swear, there are no size D batteries left in Massachusetts.


Between play dates, I'm doing as much as I can while we still have electricity. I don't think it will go out, but you never know.


I am finishing up my application for the Room of Her Own Grant. Deadline is November 1.


Also, deadline for Mass Poetry Fest proposals is October 30. Get those apps in today!


Maureen said…
Also no batteries anywhere here in D.C. area. Rains continue to get heavier with increasing winds. Stay safe!
Hope you stay safe and with power, January!
January said…
Thanks, ladies. All is well in Massachusetts, thank goodness. Hope the weather is calmer in your corner of the world.

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