Writers Series Reading Recap

I like this photo better than the split pic from the previous post.

Thursday night's reading with Steve Almond was terrific! Our event at Salem State University was packed with students, faculty, and community members. Steve was in rare form, reading from many of his titles, including his three DIY books: Bad Poetry, Letters from People Who Hate Me, and This Won't Take But a Minute, Honey.

I was pretty good, too. (*smile*)

It was a raucous reading (read: we went there) with a good Q&A session after. Lots of thoughtful questions about the writing process, from writing habits and inspirations to how to stay motivated. But my favorite part of the evening came during the book signing. As Steve signed copies of his titles, he asked every student in line if they were registered to vote. His question caught a few of them off guard, but most said they planned to cast their vote on November 6. Yay!

On top of being a great storyteller with the soul of a poet, Steve is passionate about the political process. It was great reminder to us all--our voice and our votes matter.


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