Poetry Tune-up

All hail the Czarina of Poetry Colleen Michaels!

Once again, Colleen created an event to top all others for the Improbable Places Poetry Tour. Now in its third season, the tour rolled into Wayne’s World of Automotive Services. Half of the seats were in the garage, half of the seats outside on a cool October evening.

It was a very gritty event. You could hear the commenter rail passing a few yards away. Lots of atmospheric noise on a quite street for some reason. The Improbable events do a great job of bringing together local businesses with people from all parts of the surrounding community. And, for readers, the location generates the theme, which makes the reading incredibly special and unique.

Poems about cars--all makes and models, all sorts of things you can do inside and outside of them--were spoken and shared. We live in a car culture, after all, and that's something the reading celebrated. Who doesn't have a story about a car?

Twenty poets read their car poems. But my favorite quote of the night came from Ryan "Rat" Travis when this reading was "... the most perfect reading, fantastic poets reading just one poem." And then Rat proceeded to read a Sonnet "Tanku" (Tanku = Tanka and Haiku). Very cool.

While most of the poets were locals, Jill McDonough and Michaal Ansara came north of poems to read their car poems. Here's Jill's poem "Accident, Mass. Ave."

I have to say, it was intimidating to stand under a car to read a poem. Fortunately, it was just one poem. A good mix of students from local colleges, community members, and poets all came out on a Monday night to support poetry under the hood. How cool is that?

Colleen, I will ride shotgun with you anytime!


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