CavanKerry Press: Open Submission Period

I have enjoyed working with CKP through the years. Please consider sending your poetry or memoir in for consideration.


CavanKerry Press will accept submissions for LaurelBooks, Emerging Voices, Notable Voices and Memoir between October 1, 2012 and March 31, 2013.
All manuscripts will be considered for publication in Spring 2015 and beyond.

CKP is partial to the writer whose distinct voice is emotionally accessible and daring. We discourage writers from sending victim-ridden, pedagogic, preachy or sentimental material. Works functioning as soapboxes for political causes are unacceptable. CKP does not publish self-help, how-to, travel, romance, science fiction or novels.

We are eager to receive and read manuscripts from diverse populations. We are interested in reading works from people of color and the multiplicity of ethnicities and heritages that populate our country. Writers who submit must be full-time American residents whose works are written in English.

Poetry manuscripts: Minimum: 50 pages
Prose manuscripts: Memoir only
Maximum: 250-300 pp (double-spaced)
No novels. No collections of essays


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