Lazy Sunday

Yes, it's beautiful ...

Until you have to shovel it.

For those of us along the MA coastline, we received our first real snowfall in two years. Although, not that much, 2-3 inches, it was still enough to break out the shovels and rock salt.


In between holidays, we've had a relaxing few days. A few playdates and errands, some girl time with my girlfriends, and lots of downtime for all of us. It’s the perfect time to reflect on the year as it comes to a close.

2012 has really turned out to be a mixed year. I became a full-time college professor, which also allowed me to run the Massachusetts Poetry Festival full time. I’ve been able to spend more time with Alex and Ella, who have also tried new things this year. Alex now plays the viola and Ella is a yellow belt in Tae Kwondo. Couldn’t be prouder of them. My parents are healthy and happy and my network of friends is stronger than ever. But this year I lost both of my grandparents. And with Hurricane Sandy, the school shooting in CT, and the looming fiscal cliff, I end 2012 feeling grateful but adrift.

Did not hit any of my fitness, financial, or dating goals. (sigh)

Even my writing goals ended on a mixed note. I wrote 40 poems instead of 52, yet 30 of them I am kinda sorta calling my third manuscript. My blogging is down, way down, this year. I did not participate in a weeklong workshop. And while publishing in journals has never been a huge goal of mine, the lack of publications for 2012 bothers me.

So I accomplished less than what I expected to do, but the things I did do turned out pretty cool.

Tomorrow I will post my Poetry Action Plan, and it won’t be a retread of previous goals. Have I become complacent? I don't know. Time to pick a direction and go.


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