Friday, December 07, 2012

Now Boarding

I am on my way to Atlanta for the funeral of my grandfather. I'm wondering if I can post this before the flight attendants tell me to stop. Forgive the typos.


Today was the last day of my intro to poetry class. We had a student reading; all of the poems were terrific. I'n thrilled that I got to teach this remarkable group of students. Of course, I'm relieved that the semester is winding down.


Traveling with me is my iPhone, iPad, and laptop. How sad is that? Also, books by Sharon Olds and Jill McDonough, and the latest version of APR.


Thanks to Danielle Jones-Pruett for hanging with at Starbucks today.


"Please put your tray tables into the upright and locked position."

1 comment:

Liesl Garner said...

I like it. Very here and now and urgent. But lovely.


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