Confession Tuesday

Happy New Year!!

Hope you had a nice first day of 2013. We spent the last day of 2012 taking part in Beverly's First Night celebration, and then headed over to a house party in Salem. Alex and Ella stayed awake until midnight. It's taken us most of the day to recover.

Ended the day at the Salem Writers' Workshop--perfect. A good omen.


I won't start teaching again until mid-January, and the kids go back to school tomorrow. So my vacation starts now. (YES!)


MLA happens in Boston this week. It will be my first time attending. I'm told MLA has a weird energy about it. In any case, it's rare that I get to be an observer rather than an organizer but I'm happy for the opportunity.

Then there’s AWP in March, National Poetry Month in April, and the Massachusetts Poetry Festival in May, not to mention the poets in the schools program Mass Poetry supports. I have a feeling I will be immersed in lots of poetry and po-biz activity for the first six months of the year. Cool.


I need to create a master list of all of the poetry tasks I need to do in January, including getting materials ready for m'script #2.


Gosh, we are all revisions and never the final draft.


Best thing overheard today, "I'm going to kick 2013's ass!"


Being from the South, I'm supposed to offer anyone who comes to my door black-eyed peas and collards for good luck and good fortune. Can't offer the greens, but I leave you with the Peas.


Susan Rich said…
Thanks, Jan!

Loved the peas -- and the refrain of Mazel Tov! Hope we can grab a meal together in March when I come in for AWP.

Lots of love,

When the tempest falls
Seeds of tears wet the ground
Carrying in their wombs
The fruit of a new life:

Happiness will win the sadness
And overcome the rage.
Passion will conquest the madness,
Exceeding hearts with hope.

...And the tempest falls again,
Carrying in its womb
The embrio of a new war:

A fruit of a new sin,
Disagreement of a new age...

(*By: Agamenon Troyan)
This is a translated excerpt of my poem & short tales book (O Anjo e a
Tempestade) aka (The Angel and the Storm)

SKYPE: tarokid18

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