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"When one of our own gets up in front of an audience of millions, and recites such a soaring, affecting piece, we are reminded of the power of words. We are reminded that what we’re doing—slaving at our keyboards with no editors breathing down our backs, no ravenous Twitter followers waiting for our next 140 character missive—matters. You could see it in the faces of the people in the mall as the camera panned across them: Richard’s words were moving them. And this is why most of us write: to connect with others, to attempt, in however small or personal a way, to illuminate the human condition."
Eric Sasson from his WSJ article, "Why Richard Blanco’s Inaugural Poem Hit Home For Gays and Struggling Poets"


My poem "Night at the Roller Palace" was published by Sou'Wester. Yay! Just received two copies in the mail. Loving the new look, but I really love Joseph O. Legaspi's poem "Fairy Tale." Have we ever been published together in the same edition of a journal? Hmmm ...

Thanks to Stacey Lynn Brown and Valerie Vogrin for their hard work.


Happy birthday, Suzie!

In your honor, inspired by our outing to the Somerville Theatre and the Museum of Bad Art, I give you "Ferret in a Brothel."


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