Confession Tuesday

If I could turn back time, I would be Cher. I would have posted this earlier. I confess I started this post on Sunday but the hours have gotten away from me. Oh well.


For the past few days, I have had large block of time to write--a rarity for me. I've been able to organize and begin the process of revision for my third manuscript. But I have yet to write a poem I like. I'm kind of bummed because I felt like I was in the zone before the holidays. Now, not so much. Ugh. Between starting school and scheduling for Mass Poetry Festival programs, I think part of me is resisting.


At MLA I picked up the book Why We Write, a collection of tricks and tips by 20 of today's most successful writers, edited by Meredith Marin. The pub date is 2013, so this book is newer than new.

It is a good, quick read. A little jolt of espresso for the writer's brain. Every answer is unique, yet, all of the writers profiled share similar struggles and experiences, which is comforting. I am taking solace in the pages

FYI, a portion of the book sales goes to 826 National.


I have watched two movies lately staring Bradley Cooper in which he plays writers, Limitless and The Words. He's writing that blockbuster novel that no one wants to publish. So he finds a way to cheat the system and get ahead, usually through illegal or unethical means, until he's discovered and learns his lesson in the end--maybe. Makes for good drama, but a totally false representation.

Still, Bradley Cooper is easy on the eyes. The tortured writer looks good on him.


I sent off my scholarship application for the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown. I'm really hoping to take a summer class with Marie Howe (or Nick Flynn). Fingers crossed. I need this week at FAWC like plasma.


"Personally, I'd rather not submit to journals that seem glad to welcome you and then, later, throw you under the bus. I have a slight negative opinion on that."

Tim Gager squawks back at Squawk Back.


Jennifer said…
Good luck with your FAWC application! I really want to take one of their workshops one year - the airfare to the US kills me, though, and I can only do things like that every couple of years. I was lucky enough to workshop with Marie Howe this past summer in Virginia, and she is an OUTSTANDING teacher. I loved working with her. She's such a gentle presence you don't quite notice how hard she's pushing the poems.

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