Confession Tuesday

Happy Confession Tuesday. And now, on with the show!

I confess, I am most pleased about making changes to my dining room.

I. Love. My. Blue. Wall.

I love that Ella picked out the color and after we painted she said, "You're welcome." (And she was snarky about it, which I loved.)

I love that both kids helped paint the room, a little.

I love that the wall color is Cordon Bleu, but we call it (New England) Patriots Blue.

And I love love love my art project now hanging on the wall.

Last year, I found these terrific plastic coasters with pictures of letters from outdoor signs at The Roost in Salem. It was love a first sight--I knew I had to have the whole alphabet! So I painted a large canvas and mounted the letters with Gorilla Glue. Voila!

Yes, it's taken me a year to put my vision together, but it was well worth the wait.

I can't help but notice the little imperfections throughout, but I don't mind. I find them comforting in a way.

Feels great to pick a direction and go.

"She's crafty. She gets around."


I start teaching Creative Writing and Craft of Fiction today. Looking forward to getting back into the classroom, but already I feel myself straining to keep myself balanced in this run-up before the festival. My friend, Michael, says I need to lower my standards. Says I have to get comfortable doing a good-enough job with a lot of things. But my instinct tells me I should complete one or two things at a time and do them well.

Doesn't matter what I do. Something or someone will get short shrift. Usually, I'm the one who is cheated out of a little time. The real trick is being comfortable with it.

For many years, my mantra was, "It is what it is." Can't tell you how many long hours and late nights those words got me through. I may be returning to them again very soon.


I wrote my first poem for the new year and it's about rocks. Next poem will be about color for the Improbable Places Poetry Tour.


Congrats to Sharon Olds for wining the T.S. Eliot award! Thrilled she is coming to Massachusetts Poetry Festival in May.


Anonymous said…
"It is what it is" -I've used that.

Though my favorite is "do what you can with what you have, where you are" -Theo Roosevelt (so they say)

That wall looks fantastic!

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