Confession Tuesday

I know. I know. It's Wednesday.

I've been trying to unwind and reconnect to my life since classes ended and the Mass Poetry Festival has passed. Spent the day with my daughter yesterday only to be sniping at each other day. What a difference a day makes. Still, I've value the time with my family, for better or for worse.


This weekend I made a list of things I want to work on this summer. I like to keep my goals short but attainable, since my goals always carry lots of to-do's with them.

1.  Initiate The Summer of Fun. For the last few years, the kids and I have made a list of places we want to go and things we want to do during the summer. And even though I'll work in the summer, if I make a list, then we all have a chance to do a few things that we each would like to do. For instance, my son and I want to see at game at Fenway Park, while my daughter wants to go to a water park. Everybody wins.

2. Get in some exercise. Maybe, just maybe, I will take up tennis again.

3. Work on my poetry. This includes starting the Juno project while revising, sending out poems, and looking for other opportunities to get involved in the poetry community.

4. Dating. It's time.


I've been invited to attend two writing retreats this summer. One is an opportunity I've wanted to do for years, the other came as a surprise. Both are fabulous. Unfortunately, I can't do both. Too much money and I don't think I have the time. Can't imagine spending two weeks away from the kids.

This is a good problem to have, I think.


Since the Charles Rowell-Norton Anthology is out and gaining lots of attention, I realized I don't own an anthology of African American poetry. So Afaa Weaver recommended The Oxford Anthology of African-American Poetry.  Love how it's organized. A real find.


Tressa said…
Take the opportunity you've been waiting for!

Good luck dating! Think of it as a way to discover new restaurants and it won't seem as daunting.

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