The Pulitzer Prizes Awards Luncheon

Rarely do I have days as lovely as this.

Yesterday, it was my great privilege to attend the Pulitzer Prizes Awards luncheon at Columbia University.

Here's Joseph O. Legaspi. Isn't he handsome?

Still not sure of the gelatinous topping on top of this cake. But delicious nonetheless.

The luncheon starts with a cocktail half-hour, the dining portion (salmon was the main course), and the walk to the stage for the 21 recipients.

What made this year's awards special? Watching my former professor, Sharon Olds, receive the Pulitzer Prize for poetry! At the table is Sharon with her partner Carl, Knopf editor Deborah Garrison, Joseph and me. 

Sorry about the blurry photos. 

Just a lovely, lovely afternoon. Can't tell you want it meant to me to share this moment with Sharon. A well-deserved and long overdue honor. She was so gracious. Lovely, lovely lovely.

Special thanks to Jo Jo for the invite. 


Nin Andrews said…
Congratulations on your new job!
Odessa said…
Oh my goodness, that much be such a magical moment! I'm so glad you got to share this moment with Sharon Olds.

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