Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, folks. Share your confessions and we promise to do the same.

I started this blog post on my iPhone at 4:22 a.m. Alex woke up around 2. He had a big presentation today at school and couldn't sleep, poor guy. Third grade shouldn't be stressful.

Update: Just came from his class and he knocked it out of the park. He gave a speech on Jackie Robinson. Woo hoo!

This week has already gotten away from me. Tomorrow, I'm off to NYC to attend a very special luncheon on Thursday. Will post pics--it will be lovely. 

Alex, Ella and I had a great holiday weekend. Despite the rain for the first half of our time off, we spent a good amount of time outside. And yesterday was beautiful, a good day for yardwork and gardening. 

I have started working on my Juno Larcom poems. Having never written about a historical figure, the research is daunting. I'm trying to be optimistic about how much time I can devote to writing 10 solid poems by August. I'm both intimidated and excited by the challenge, which was how I felt when I wrote Misery Islands. Guess that's a good thing.  

So I am tinkering, jotting down lines--trying to life in Juno's skin for short periods of time. More to come on the new project. 


Trying to write a poem about wolves. It started out as a villanelle, but I have since lowered my standards. Just want to finish the darn thing.


Ah, the trials of life as a poet mom. I'm right there with you! (Though I usually confess on Friday!)

Your project sounds interesting! Please keep us posted!

Tressa said…
I look forward to the wolves poem.
January said…
Thanks, Tressa. Me, too!
January said…
Thanks, Val. Nice to meet you (virtually).

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