Sister from Another Time Zone

There are no raccoons at Starbucks, thank goodness.


I do my best writing when when I can get out of my house and out of my own space. I like being in the middle of a busy coffee shop knowing I don't have to wash a dish, swap a load of laundry, or pay a bill. 


These last two weeks, I have been able to take my foot off the gas a bit and slow down. The tension from my shoulders has almost vanished. I've been able to spend time with my kids and not think I should be somewhere else doing something else. It's a good feeling. Last night I was up until 2 a.m. finishing a poem, so I'm a little sluggish today (Hello, Starbucks). But I like working at odd hours occasionally. It's good to shake things up now and then.


Books I'm reading in heavy rotation:

Blue Front, Martha Collins
Mezzanines, Matthew Olzmann
Some Ether, Nick Flynn
Stag's Leap, Sharon Olds

Stag's Leap I can only read in small doses. 


Been popping around to a few blogs, and, of course, Kelli wrote something that spoke to me: 

"You should go on a writing retreat and decide to do this for yourself because no one else is going to give you permission.  You must choose yourself."

And that is what I will be doing at the end of July. And if I have my way, I will go on two retreats--first time in my life and I am over-the-moon excited. Still a lot of details to work out. A lot. I should know for sure in another week if I can do both. No one to look out for but myself. Time away can only make me a better mom and our family stronger family.

(Kelli is my sister from another time zone.)


Happy 10, Collin!


Susan Rich said…
Congratulations, January! SO glad you're giving yourself this time. I somehow do this twice a year now. It's the only way I can write and have a life that involves others... Much love, Susan
Tressa said…
Good for you!
January said…
Thanks, Tressa!
January said…
Susan, hope you are well on the West Coast. I will send you an email soon to catch up.


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