The Beav

Three cool things have happened to me recently (forgive the dark images):

1. I received the Beaver Award from the college I work for. It's a departmental award for doing a good job. The beav stayed with us for a month before he/she had to make his dam with another well-deserving coworker.

2. I received a promotion yesterday to senior writer/editor. No more money but the title change is important. This photo (above) is of my workspace at home. I work here one day a week, and usually the pile of the right is usually not that high. But I do love this spot (when it's less cluttered).

3. Last but not least, these are pages to a manuscript, about 43. I got the courage to put the old and new poems together, and in the process I'm learning to accept the fact that this is where I am in my writing career. I'm feeling good about the work, which, in large part, is because of the blog. Also, I'm starting to look at individual poems as submittable pieces to journals and lit mags. Woo hoo!

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said…
Congratulations! That's awesome about the promo and the poems! I'm really psyched for you. I'm off to my MFA residency next week, but when i get back, I am SO harrassing you and Erin about a get together! :) Christine
Deirdre said…
Congratulations about the promotion. It's a good feather for your cap. I'm always curious to see where writers work. Thanks for appeasing my nosiness. It's good to hear that you're sending things out. I'm stunned by your talent.(A little intimidated too, but working with that.) Yes, woo hoo!
Kay Cooke said…
Congrats! Love what youre writing - tried to leave a comment earlier about your great poem but it wouldn't take.
January said…
Blogger has been a bit of a pain lately.

I like seeing where others work, too so it was fun to take a few pictures. I look at my desk and think, "does it really look THAT messy?"

Yes, the recognition from a promotion is great. I do work for a very innovative college.
paris parfait said…
Hooray for you! Congrats on your promotion and the poems! Well done.
Alex said…
Congrats again on your promotion Jan. Start throwing the weight of your title bump around. I think the photos of your pages should be the cover of your eventual book. :)
Anonymous said…
wooohoo, the beav and the promotion are awesome and well deserved, but the gathering of the manuscript, must have been the most challenging of the three successes! I am happy you got past that barrier that is so difficult for artists to accomplish...the gathering of the work. Now your well on your way...!

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