What’s the coolest site you visit daily?

Besides the usual suspects (and the ones in my “links” list), I thought I’d ask y’all to talk about the coolest blogs/Web sites worth seeing. They can be poetry related or not. Here are a few that I’ve recently discovered:

Poetry Foundation: Everything poetry, from Web journals to poetry news, updated daily.

David Byrne: Just when you thought you were smart, along comes a blog that makes you wish you were smarter.

Overheard in New York: Be careful. You never know who may be listening.

Post Secret: Got a secret? Do tell.

New York Hack: Beware of cabbies carrying cameras—payback’s a b*tch!

Archie McPhee: Looking for bacon strips bandages? Yeah, we’ve got that.

Bidding for Travel: Before you book travel on Priceline.com, stop here for the going rates on bids.

Golden Fiddle: Celeb gossip with a twist of lime.

Podsafe Music Network: If you are podcaster or a wannabe, or just like indie music, this is the spot for you.

And for us newbie bloggers, read 56 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog from Problogger's Seth Gordon. Though you’re probably not looking for ad revenue, Problogger is a great resource for technical stuff.

(I plan on trying #14 on some of you … so be afraid. Be very afraid.)


claireylove said…
Hey I've been known to hover over at Mr Byrnes's place too...

...and what is this #14 you speak of? I better get over there to read and prepare!
January said…
14. "Be snarky. Write nearly libelous things about fellow bloggers, daring them to respond (with links back to you) on their blog."

Maybe libelous is the wrong word here. Maybe writing "appreciative"
or "complementary" things is the way to go!

BB, I think you're fabulous! I dare you to respond! (Also, sorry my links weren't working earlier. How embarrassing!)
Very interesting list of driving blog traffic...I love how he contradicts himself constantly for fun. "Don't write about your cat...your kids." Immediately followed by, "Write about your kids." Ha. I'll have to say that I love LiteraryMama.com--and it isn't just b/c I was published there (I swear). It's not always easy to find quality "literary" writing (including poetry) about mothering, creativity, and women's issues. This isn't an everyday site--but worth checking out every week.
January said…
Thanks Delia. I'll have to check out LiteraryMama.com!
Catherine said…
I love Poetry Daily (www.poems.com) - a new poem culled from the best of the journals and new books, every day
There is also Arts and Letters Daily http://aldaily.com/
writingblind said…
My favorite blogs are all ones I already link to so it's hard to pick a favorite. One of the blogs I visit most frequently is decidedly uncool, as it has pictures of puppies and kittens on it. I'd link to it but I don't want to destroy my credibility completely.
January said…
Catherine, if you like Poetry Daily, then you'll like versedaily.com. Thanks for listing aldaily.com. Can't wait to check it out.
Dani In NC said…
The blog I have been visiting daily for the past two weeks is The Hype Machine.


It is actually a blog aggregator that tracks over 500 music blogs and puts any songs that have been posted into a player. You can listen to a playlist of songs written about in the last three days, songs that other listeners have searched for in the past five minutes, or search for an artist and see which of her songs have been written about recently.

The Hype Machine has brought me new music, but you also find a good bit of old music if someone decides to write about something like music from the year she was born. I am loving it (and no, I don't work for the website).

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