I *heart* Oprah

It’s a rainy Saturday afternoon. Ella and I are sitting on the bed, and we’re watching a DVD from Oprah’s 20th Anniversary Special. It so happens that we’re watching the segments on Oprah’s weight struggles.

Earlier in the day, I dragged myself out of bed and went to the gym for the first time in two months. I don’t have a scale in the house (don’t believe in them), but was happy to see that I’m still at my pre-pregnancy weight. Also, I was thrilled to see that I hadn’t ballooned out, yet I am *painfully* aware that my belly will not get flat on it’s own.

But that’s why appreciate Oprah. She puts everything out there—weight issues and all. And while managing her appearance is important to her, it doesn’t define her or diminish her accomplishments. On the DVD, she shows clips from her talk show and splices in her commentary. Oprah makes this point, which is I think is so valuable for women to hear:

“Taking care of yourself only happens when you truly feel that you are worthy of being taken care of.”

In other words: know your worth.

Every day I look into my children’s eyes to remind myself that I am worthy. I deserve this life. I’m not perfect, and every day is a struggle to maintain balance. But it comes down to taking time for myself and valuing what’s important, which hasn’t been easy as of late. Alex is going through a “NO” phase (grrrrrh!), and Tim and I are trying to get his entrepreneurial venture into second gear while I work full time.

It took Oprah almost 50 years to make the connection between worth and weight. I’m nearly 40 (yikes!), drawing strength from wherever I can get it. Lately, my strength has come from this amazing, wonderful, fabulous, intelligent community of bloggers. But I have to stop now because my beautiful 10-month old needs a hug. She’s climbing on my lap as I type.

She gives me the best kisses—open mouthed and sloppy!


claireylove said…
an important post january. yes balance and room for self love is where it's at. with love, bb x
January said…
It seems like this topic has sprung up, in one form or another, on a lot on blogs recently. I see so many writers and bloggers looking to make connections as a way of better understanding themselves.

Happy Sunday!
Dani In NC said…
Yay! You made it to the gym! Good for you! I applaud anyone who makes an attempt to improve her health. It's not easy, but it is worth it. I'm trying to remind myself of that every day.
Jennifer S. said…
What a great entry, the O quote and the shift in priority to your child. Just perfect.
January said…
Dani--yes, I did make it to the gym, and I feel better for going. But staying motivated is the tough part for me.

Jennifer--thanks for the comments. No matter how much I complain about the lack of time or the career setbacks, I love being a mom. And with a face like Ella's, I can't say no!

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