The college I work for is now on the summer schedule, so I'm off on Fridays until mid-August (woo hoo!). I'm sitting here with my two kids thinking how thankful I am not to have to make the hour-long commute in all this rain.

So today's plan is to print out some recent poems and revise, revise, revise! Once my husband is home (and the Red Sox take the field), I'll look at my stuff and see how much work my poems need. Revision is always the toughest part of the process for me. Also, I need to start sending out to journals, both print and online. I think it's important to submit, because you always need your poems out there working for you, kind of like investments.

Thanks so much, everyone, for all of the great feedback on my poetry. Recently, I was turned down for a Mass Cultural Council Artist Grant (b*st*rds), but I'm not bitter. *smile* I'm taking my newfound courage and putting it back into the submission process. And I hope to write three new poems this weekend, just because.

Sesame Street is on in the background, and the characters are reciting the alphabet. And with each letter that comes up, my 2 1/2-year-old son associates words with the letters:

A for Alex
D for Daddy
E for Ella
J for Jan
M for Mommy and Me

So cute!


Patry Francis said…
sounds like a very happy and secure little boy.
Deirdre said…
I love that in the middle of kids, husband, Sesame Street, ball game you're being creative and tending to your voice. Your focus must be phenomenal.
January said…
Focus? I'm a good complainer and list maker! I've let so many things go, but I'm trying to put the important things first.

And, I don't get much sleep!
John K said…
So adorable, Jan! It's great to see your recent poems and this blog!

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