The Language Is Leaving Me

Sorry I have not been blogging this week, I've been having too much fun. Summer turns my brain into mush. I savor these long days like an ear of corn slathered in butter and salt. (OK, that was bad. See what I mean?)

After a rocky start to the week, we finally landed on our feet in a good place. We've laughed a lot, which is not always easy at the end of a long day when I'm ready to settle down and the kids are just ramping up. Lots of play dates, get togethers, and cookouts to keep us busy. We're taking advantage of as much free stuff in the community as possible.

In other words, it's all good.


As for writing ... not so much. I'm giving myself a mental break so I can move to a new project in a week or so. I have been sending poems out for publication, however. I sent to two places last week, with a total of six packets making the rounds. I love the in-between time with mailings--that period between sending out and the acceptance/rejection. Makes me think anything is possible.

Out of the 50 poems in my Misery Islands manuscript, 27 have been published. I think that's good, with still more poems to be sent.


This morning I'm cleaning my office. I'm trying to make a space so when I do come back to writing I actually have a space to write. The kids are playing a game upstairs. Hot tea with lemon by my side. Annie Lennox on iTunes. A glorious morning, indeed.


"No more I love yous. The language is leaving me."


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