Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, folks! Sharing is caring. Tell us a little of yourself and we promise do the same.


I am so unmotivated to blog. Feels like putting on a sweater in 90-degree weather. This is the first summer where I have been full time with the kids. We've been on the go most days, finding relatively cheap ways to entertain ourselves. Between day excursions, play dates, and Alex’s all-star baseball, we are in overdrive.

I love it!

But everything else has taken a back seat, even the poetry (and especially the blog, poor thing).


Next week, however, I am taking a class at the Fine Arts Work Center with Marie Howe in Provincetown! I am over-the-moon excited for the time away to work on my craft. The stars have aligned for me to be able to attend: no teaching commitments, my parents coming to the rescue to watch the kids, the partial scholarship. Thanks again to the FAWC for making this experience possible!

Then, I'm spending the following week with six other poets and writers at Millay Colony! Woo hoo! This is an opportunity to write new poems, revise drafts, and put together m'script #3--maybe. No pressure here. But I'm excited to see where I will be with my work at the beginning of August. Details about Millay to come.

I see it as a time to rededicate myself to this work that I love doing. I need time and perspective. The fall semester is just around the corner (*gasp!*).


I will be blogging more regularly during the two weeks. Won't be able to contain my happiness.


Thanks for staying with me, dear reader. How's your summer going (or winter, if you're in New Zealand)?


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