Confession Tuesday

If it's Tuesday, it's time for your confessions. Share a little bit of yourself and we promise to do the same. 

I have traded the fabulous beaches of Provincetown for the rural, earthy landscape of Millay Colony in Austerlitz, NY. After a weekend at home, I packed up the car, dropped off the kids with their dad, and crossed the border in another writing retreat. 


This week, I'm here with Aimee, Sarah, Joseph, Leslie, and Joshua. Maybe I'll post a group photo in a day or so. Maybe not. We'll see what the week brings. 


Goals for the retreat: create, revise, and harness the creative spark. I feel blessed that I rekindled that spark last week at the Fine Arts Work Center. 

Part of me wonders how to fill the time. This week is unstructured. Fortunately, there's no television so I won't get sucked into reruns of Burn Notice. As Marie Howe says, "It hurts to be present." 
I sent this photo of the farmhouse, where I'm staying, to my mom. She said it looked lonely. I replied, "Not lonely but quiet."

One word: ticks. Too much nature. But, it is beautiful here. The sun rises over the ridge that borders NY and MA. Just beautiful. 


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