Confession Tuesday

It's Tuesday. You know the drill.

Hope you had a nice 4th of July. Since the kids were with their dad, I decided to keep the day simple. 

For many years I have gone to big, public fireworks displays carrying lots of stuff (blankets, snacks, umbrellas), keeping my eyes on the kids in the crowd, praying it doesn't rain. This year I stayed in, had lobster for dinner, and watched lots of bad TV. 

And that is how I celebrated my independence.


This summer has been a search for new habits to replace the old ones. The things I used to do, such as writing every day, do not work for my lifestyle--at least right now. Summer is a blank page the kids and I are trying to fill. The hardest part is letting of the idea of an old habit. I have to stop saying things like, "I used to write every day--I was happier then." Was I? Because I'm sure I was neglecting something that needed my attention. 

I'm getting comfortable with the fact that there are days and times I will be able to write. I must protect that time and not let the hours slip away.


Now is one of those times.


Poetry To-do List 

1. Write 8 poems for my Juno series before July 21 
2. Read three manuscripts
3. Write one book cover blurb
4. Write one article for Mass Poetry
5. Create marketing plan for next book
6. Record audio of poems for upcoming publication 


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