I am here! I am here! I am here!

I am here, in Provincetown, about to start the first full day of my workshop at the Fine Arts Work Center with Marie Howe! I am giddy beyond belief. When I think of all the things that fell into place, including my parents who are at home taking care of my kids, I get overwhelmed. Seriously. I get overwhelmed just writing about getting overwhelmed.


We had our orientation last night. Then we had our first workshop meeting. There are 10 of us, I think, at all skill levels.

Marie is luminous.

As I said last night as we went around the table, when I left my house, I didn’t feel as if I was leaving. I felt as if I was moving toward something—moving forward.


This is a week of idea and poem generation. We are working towards being open, being present with ourselves and our surroundings.

Marie’s first assignment for us was to talk around and notice things: sights, sounds, faces, places. So after our dinner, I ambled (I moseyed, I sauntered) along the bustling streets of Provincetown. At 9 p.m. the streets were packed. It was good to be a part of this thrum of this town. Just a warm feeling all around.


One other assignment Marie gave us was to swim in the waters around Provincetown in the next 24 hours. She says these waters are divine waters and that we will be changed.


It is 7 a.m. and I’m going to dip my feet into the bay. I have been changed just by being here.


Susan Rich said…
This sounds fantastic. I'm so happy for you. And wonderful to hear about it as you move through the week. Enjoy@
January said…
Thanks, Susan. Marie's class was phenomenal. Now, I'm at Millay Colony trying to continue the momentum.

Hope you're having a great summer!

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