Confession Tuesday

Howdy! Share a little bit of yourselves with us and we promise to do the same.

I turned in my grades today. Yahoo! I taught two great advanced composition classes, and I can honestly say that I learned as much from my students as they learned from me. Well, I hope they learned from me. I liked seeing the surprised faced when they wrote something they never expected. Love that! 

Now, I can concentrate on my own kids. 


Speaking of kids, I've made a hard left back into mommy mode. My parents and extended family have been pitching in lately, but now that the three of us are sinking back into routine, there's been a lot of bickering. I'm hoping that by having more free time, I can relax and be there for them more. Lack of time with Alex and Ella is the biggest sacrifice I make leading to the festival. Things should be better soon, I hope. 


Short but sweet! Have a great day.


Anonymous said…
Congratulations on reaching the end of your school term. Hope you get to relax and spend time with your kids.

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