Happy Mother's Day!

Extra special Happy Mother's Day wishes to my mom, Rosemary. Do you know what that makes me? Rosemary's baby.


Alex and Ella spent the weekend with their dad--that's just how our weekends tend to work out. Even though it's Mom's day weekend, I really needed the time alone. I slept in, graded some papers, cleaned house--even wrote a poem. This was my time to decompress after last week's festival. I did catch Alex's little league game and made dinner after. The perfect end to Mother's Day.


The photo above is from Dead Horse Beach in Salem. I knew of the beach but never made a connection with the name until this weekend. Once I heard the name, I needed to write a poem about it.


To-do list

1. Write poem for an anthology
2. Work on another poem (I've had an idea rolling around and I don't want to lose it) 
3. Organize third manuscript
4. Revive Juno project
5. Set up reading dates for second book
6. Submit poems to two journals


I'm starting to feel that connection again to my writing, which means I'm connecting to my life again. The last two months took a lot out of me. But this time I know I'm not too far away from my center. The cosmic tumblers are clicking back into place.


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