Post Fest Wrap-up

The 2014 Mass Poetry Festival came and went, but not without a few incredible moments. Here are my favorites:

1. Getting 30 minutes of uninterrupted time with Phil Levine. Here's a pic with Carol Ann Duffy and our emerging poet Heather Tressler.

2. Selfies with Oliver de la Paz and Li-Young Lee.

3. Lucie Brock-Brodio's closing reading on Sunday. She was so funny and engaging--a nice way to end the festival. Also, watching Michael Ansara and Lucie untangle themselves. (Lucie's hair and Michael's festival button. No photos, you had to be there.)

4. Hearing Cornelius Eady perform with his two of his band mates. I've known Cornelius for nearly 20 years but have never heard him play an instrument or sing. This was a real treat. Hope to have the full band back soon.

5. The State of Poetry panel. Jennifer Jean always does a nice job moderating that panel. I appreciated hearing the variety of perspectives that contradicted and complemented each other.

l-r: festival cofounder Michael Ansara, Kim Addonizio, Oliver de la Paz, and Poetry editor Don Share.

6. Feeling the good energy reflected back at me as I introduced poets on Friday and Saturday nights.

7. A beautiful Saturday afternoon after a tricky weather forecast. I'm just thankful I didn't have to move the performance stage or the small press and literary fair inside.

8. Seeing our volunteers leave, only to come back to work another shift. Such dedication.

9. The reception.

l-r: Vivian Shipley, Kim Addonizio, Oliver de la Paz, Joseph O. Legaspi, Susan Rich, and me.

10. Sunday afternoon after headquarter closes and our immediate team goes out for a round of celebratory drinks!


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